ASSET – Instant Gratification for Collective Awareness and Sustainable Consumerism

The ASSET project aims at demonstrating and facilitating a new form of consumerism. This involves a literate decision making for the individual consumer, the ability to form a community, and the emergence of a collective dynamics and collective awareness.

Using purchase decisions as a means to promote sustainable products and voice criticism of governmental actions can be a powerful tool for consumers. But how can a difference be made on a collective level, when the notion of sustainable consumption is not the same for every person?

The ASSET project boosts collective consumerism by empowering the articulation of the individual. ASSET emphasizes the power of collective purchase decisions, which originate from independent literate choices of consumers. The exchange of personal purchase decisions forms communities with visible collective power and statements.

A pilot platform including different tools will be developed for a test phase within a supermarket. A consumer interface via a smartphone application linked to social media will provide the tool for supporting individual shopping decisions and interacting with the community. This is supported by a user localization system at the supermarket and an ASSET database system, collecting open data, integrating networks and addressing online collaboration.

These tools will be tested by users in a trial phase. The behavior of these consumers will be evaluated and give insights on the formation of a community. It will also be assessed, how people can be educated through this new political consumerism and how it multiplies. A scientific investigation will provide a better understanding of the process of collective awareness. The effect on retailers and producers, not only monetarily, but also concerning awareness for their assets will be studied.

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