BIA at Impact Day

The BIA team will participate in Impact Day, the Baltics’s largest impact and sustainability festival. Among more than 70 influencers, participants will be inspired by BIA colleagues Rene Tõnnisson and Mart Veliste.

EIC Accelerator

The European Innovation Council (EIC) is Europe’s flagship innovation programme and is now open for new calls! In this article, we discuss all the new features of the EIC call with some tips and recommendations. 

Horizon Europe HEMOS project has started

Starting from May 2022, the three-year HEMOS project will work towards providing a solution to decarbonize ocean vessels.

23 organisations that have signed the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnership

BIA has joined an agreement of cooperation where a wide range of influential organisations in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation demonstrate the openness and willingness to work together to develop the sector.