Our team has years of experience, bringing a diverse set of tools and solutions with us. Here are a few services we can offer.

Innovation is essential for any project or business, big or small. Here are a few services we offer to drive innovation:

  • Development of innovative ideas
  • Innovation audits
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Business model development
  • International technology offers and requests
  • Partner searches, matchmaking events
  • Trainings
~ Markus Kasemaa

There are mountains of data out there… let us connect the dots and give you precise, strategic, and valuable insights. Here is what we offer:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Sector and cluster analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Impact assessment
~ Markus Kasemaa

Take a load off, we’ll manage it for you. Here is how we can help:

  • Project coordination and management
  • Project reporting
  • Feedback and validation of management approaches
  • Cluster management support
~ Markus Kasemaa

Whether it be through EU funded projects or finding investors for innovative startups… we offer a wide range of funding services:

  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Preparing project applications and funding proposals
  • Finding and engaging investors
  • Matching and training events
~ Markus Kasemaa

Our Focus Areas

BIA has experience in a broad range of topics. Below are our main areas of expertise. 


BIA is a Startup Europe Ambassador with the aim to help European startups grow by helping startups develop viable business models, engage additional financing and get ready for conquering new markets.


Since 2009, BIA has been involved in developing the EU-wide cluster benchmarking and quality labelling scheme under the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. We also help develop  new and existing clusters by developing cluster strategies, internationalization plans, finding partners in target markets, carrying out benchmarking analyses, etc.

smart cities

Working with projects in all main smart city domains, e.g. intelligent transportation and mobility solutions, smart and energy-efficient buildings, smart healthcare, e-governance and various digital services in the urban context. 

green deal

Working on projects to ensure smart and green growth in various economic sectors, taking into account long-term sustainability and initiatives such as the EU Green Deal. Supporting our projects in this field is the idea that sustainable develop should promote econonmic, environmental, and social goals.

Become our partner

We are constantly working with setting up new projects in our core fields of expertise: innovation (developing new products and services, business model innovation, social innovation), sustainable and green economic growth, startup ecosystem development, cluster development, and smart city solutions.

You´re welcome to contact us in case you have a project idea that relates to these areas. There is a good chance that we are already working on a project proposal and that you can partner up with us directly to join the international consortium being set up.

In case your idea does not directly match our own project focus, our experienced consultants can still help you test the idea, develop it further, and find the right partners from Estonia and other countries. We have a wide network of reliable partners (R&D institutions, clusters, development agencies, city authorities) in the EU and beyond.