The aim of the H2Value (Supporting the Regional Development of the Green Hydrogen Fuel Value Chain for Transportation in Estonia and Latvia) project is to establish the first interregional green hydrogen value chain in South Estonia (Tartu region) and Northern Latvia (Vidzeme region) to activate the emerging hydrogen markets in these regions.

Making strategic investments in kick-starting the cross-border hydrogen value chain – including infrastructure, production, storage, and transport – is expected to create a greater market pull for hydrogen in Estonia and Latvia and to help overcome some of the major market failures. More specifically, high TRL (9) technologies will be piloted along the green hydrogen value chain, including setting up a small-scale green hydrogen production plant based on solar energy, establishing a green hydrogen refuelling station (HRS), piloting a hydrogen fuel cell bus and a waste truck in urban test sites, and testing the transportation of green hydrogen via road.

This will be coupled with business planning efforts for exploiting the test results beyond the project lifetime and outreach activities to quadruple helix stakeholders to raise awareness of hydrogen technologies and provide input for policymaking. Besides facilitating a wider scale-up of hydrogen technologies and capacities in the two regions, H2Value will provide a blueprint for setting up green hydrogen ecosystems in other smaller regions, especially in the new EU member states, thereby supporting the idea of working towards interregional green hydrogen value chains.

The H2Value steps

  • Hydrogen production – Set up a small-scale green hydrogen production plant based on solar energy.
  • Hydrogen distribution – Establish a green hydrogen refueling station and test the transportation of green hydrogen via road.
  • Hydrogen consumption – Use hydrogen as a zero-emissions source of fuel for transport.
  • Analysis & strategic development – Support the development of the interregional green hydrogen value chain in Estonia and Latvia.


  • Create structured links among the EU quadruple helix stakeholders
  • Help hydrogen ecosystems to overcome market failures, particularly by connecting demand and supply side
  • Support companies building interregional innovation investment in shared S3 priority areas
  • Accelerate innovate – demonstrate activities needed to allow market uptake and scale-up of innovative solutions
  • Increase capacities of less developed regions to participate in EU value chains contributing to Cohesion policy objectives

Project name: H2Value
Duration:  2 November 2022 – ⁠1 November 2025 
Overall budget: 4 284 280 €

H2Value as part of Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (I3) – Innovation investments Strand 2a (I3-2021-INV2a) has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No. 101083881.

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